Am I Great Candidate for IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal is becoming a popular method today. IPL is known as a body care technology that is proven to treat unwanted hair permanently and effectively.

However, IPL hair removal is not so suitable for everyone. The different skin conditions of people are the reason that IPL hair removal has varying effectiveness against its users.

The skin condition in question starts from the tone and skin type. Each skin tone and type has different melanin while IPL works towards melanin and skin follicles to inhibit hair growth.

Koizuma has taken this into account and has provided the type of IPL that suits your skin.

1. Light skin and dark skin.

Melanin contained in the skin between light skin with dark skin is different. IPL hair removal 600000 will suit you who have a dark skin tone while IPL hair removal 900000 will suit you who have light skin

2. First Treatment with IPL Hair Removal

The first use is very important in determining if IPL hair removal suits you. If on the first use you feel pain and heat that your skin cannot tolerate, it means that you are not suitable for the IPL device you are using.

Keep in mind that IPL hair removal is known as a painless tool and has a gentle touch flash, the best candidates are those who feel comfortable in the use of IPL hair removal.

3. Timely and correct instruction

you will be the best candidate if you do IPL Hair removal treatment in a timely and correct instructions. Consistency is the key to maximum and permanent results. We recommend you to do IPL hair removal until the 12th use, we know that IPl hair removal shows a significant difference even in the fourth week of use, but you should not immediately feel satisfied and stop using IPL. Be consistent, be the best candidate.

4. Do not Wax before IPL Treatment.

You do not need to do waxing before IPL treatment. Waxing will inhibit IPL from working. Waxing removes the entire hair and follicle so no pigment can be found by an IPL Hair removal handset; which in turn renders the treatment useless.

Stop waxing at the same time as IPL Hair removal. IPL will not work as you want.

5. Users who have tattoos

This is becoming a popular question, Will you who have tatoo be safe using IPL Hair removal? the answer is Treatments using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) work by targeting the pigment, or more specifically, melanin. Since IPL treatment targets pigment, tattooed skin is a major contradiction to this treatment. If an IPL skin or hair removal treatment is performed over the tattoo, the IPL energy will be converted into heat energy once it comes into contact with the pigment present in the tattoo ink, dissolving the ink and causing severe burns to the skin which can also increase the patient's risk of burns. risk of permanent scarring. Whenever possible, tattoos near the IPL treatment area should be covered for increased safety. To increase safety, you can do a consultation to evaluate and discuss treatment options that are better suited to your skin's needs.

6. Certain skin conditions

If you have a special skin condition, we strongly recommend that you consult this method with your dermatologist to ensure the safety and suitability of IPL Hair removal with you.

Woman Using IPL Hair Removal Handset


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