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How to Remove Sideburns Like a Pro: Say Hello to a New You!

Learn everything you need to know about expertly shaving off your sideburns. With these hacks, you'll be ready to embrace your inner confidence and flaunt your glowing skin.

We hold that having hair anywhere on your body, including your legs, chest, and underarms, is natural and beautiful. The new trend of celebrities publicly displaying their facial hair is inspiring. However, we're aware that some folks would rather not have hair where it isn't wanted, including places like the face and the sideburns. Whether you embrace your natural hair or get it waxed off, we're on your side.

Talking about body hair, especially in the face. Facial hair is fantastic for highlighting features and showing individuality, but it may be a pain if it's not intended. If you like your skin and cosmetics to seem smooth and beautiful, having coarse hair flow down one side of your face can be a major annoyance.

Although sideburns and other facial hair are perfectly acceptable, we do understand the ongoing struggle to keep them at bay. But don't fret; we have options to help you eliminate unsightly facial hair.

How to effectively deal with sideburns and other undesirable facial hair can be learned from professionals. We queried them about the efficacy of various methods, from razors to lasers, for female hair removal. Read on to learn the suggested strategies for shaving off your sideburns.

Meet the Expert (1)

Paul Jarrod Frank, MD, is a cosmetic dermatologist specializing in non-surgical techniques. Also, he is the CEO, founder, and medical director of PFRANKMD.

Jodi Shays is a skilled esthetician and waxer. She runs the Queen Bee Salon & Spa in Culver City, California.

Putting Down the Razor

It's acceptable for men to trim their mustaches and beards. But Shays says, "It's not recommended for women." Shaving might irritate, bump, or cause ingrown hair on more sensitive women's skin. To prevent the hair from growing back as stubble, you must shave frequently because shaving does not remove the hair from the root. Frank warns that women, like men, can get regular and annoying stubble by not shaving their sideburns.

Grab the Bleach

Bleaching your hair is an alternative to shaving or waxing. Bleach can be used to remove unwanted facial hair, but it's essential to use facial hair bleach instead of regular hair bleach to avoid irritating or burning your skin. If you bleach your sideburns, the hair will be lighter and less apparent.

Apply a Hair-Removal Cream

Using a hair-removal cream is a more permanent and convenient alternative to shaving. When removing some hair, just apply the product and wait 10 to 15 minutes. The hair removal cream either dissolves the hair at or near the skin's surface. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, the effects may only last a few days. Remember that thinner hair is preferable for the best results when using a hair removal lotion. Hair that is thicker or coarser may make styling and maintenance more of a challenge.

Koizuma Tip: 

If you're removing hair from a particularly sensitive location, like your sideburns, you should secure any stray hair you want to keep so it doesn't come into contact with the hair removal cream.

A Quick Fix with Thread

Tries threading instead of tweezing to remove hair at its source. Because it can remove several hairs at once, threading is great for cleaning up larger face areas like sideburns or the back of the neck. If your face is too sensitive for waxing, you might try plucking the hairs off with a fine cotton thread. Since the follicle has been damaged, the new hair may be thinner and less noticeable. The effects can last for weeks at a time.

Try Waxing

Shays recommends waxing your sideburns for a smooth canvas to apply your makeup and to avoid stubble and tweezing marks. Hair may regrow thinner as a result of being plucked from the root. According to Shays, the average interval between wax appointments ranges from four to ten weeks, depending on the client's hair growth rate and thickness. She says that if you have oilier skin, you should use an acne wash 24 hours after a wax to help prevent a breakout.

Consider Laser Hair Removal

A professional can remove laser hair if someone wants long-term help with their sideburns. As you may already know, the procedure involves using a laser to permanently disable hair growth at the follicle level. As specialist Frank explained, laser hair removal is the only way to remove hair permanently. He says that laser hair removal can permanently eliminate hair in as few as three to four monthly sessions.

Frank also does a laser procedure using the Motus AX at his clinic. This device is effective in removing both dark and light hair, and it can be used on those with darker skin tones without risk. He notes that, unlike the traditional stamping method of hair removal, "this laser treats and heats the area very slowly."

Opt for Electrolysis

Although less common, electrolysis is another option for permanently removing hair. Electrolysis involves inserting a thin probe into the hair follicle and zapping it with heat or chemical energy to destroy the follicle and stop hair growth. In contrast to laser hair removal, which treats larger areas at once, this approach eliminates unwanted hair one follicle at a time. Treatments may last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, and the number of sessions required may fluctuate.

Koizuma Tip:

No matter what method you use to remove unwanted hair, you should wait at least 24 hours before exposing your skin to exfoliants or other harsh substances. You wouldn't want to get rid of your hair if doing so would cause aggravation in the form of lumps, rashes, or anything else.


In conclusion, shaving off your sideburns can completely change your appearance and self-image. The proper methods and equipment will allow you to say farewell to your unwanted facial hair and hello to a new you. A viable choice exists, whether you're looking for a short fix or something more permanent. What's the point of holding off? Embrace your inner pro and get ready to flaunt your flawless skin!

Looking for a quick and easy method to get rid of unsightly facial hair? When in doubt, consider Koizuma. Learn how Koizuma can help you and start enjoying life without shaving or waxing right away. Click here.


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