All There is to Know: IPL Hair Removal

Perfect time to move from the old way of waxing, shaving, and expensive laser treatment clinics to conveniently  IPL hair removal technology.

Tired of the term beauty is pain?. The Era of high technology is ready to fight it. It's time to say goodbye to the old painful ways and inefficient results for your beauty needs. No need to feel frustrated anymore, especially in hair removal treatments. The existence of Smart-technology that continuously innovates in providing the best solutions encourages us to present high-tech IPL Hair Removal. Invest your money and comfort in the best way of hair removal, find a sense of satisfaction when finding a glowing soft skin finish.

Woman Holding IPL Hair Removal Device


Best At-Home Hair Removal Session

Frustrated with waiting for hours and spending big money for waxing sessions and treatments at the clinic? you should also travel in search of the best clinics in your city. Stop making yourself tired. The technology-modern Era will help you not to move away from the comfort space in your home. IPL hair removal features a special design with small hand-held, sleek, modern. It can be a self-care device that you can easily take anywhere. You can do 6-12 hair removal sessions at your home for satisfactory results.

Safe for Any type of Skin

IPL Hair removal is the answer to the body treatments that today are looking for. But you need to pay attention to a few things. You need to pay attention to the suitability of your skin type. Unfortunately, not all IPL is suitable for skin with dark tones. Melanin pigment is contained in dark skin tones more than bright skin. 

Other skin types also need to be considered suitable. We have equipped gear features on IPL hair removal for different skin types. This is why to prevent the first use, if you experience pain, heat, and irritation, then your skin is not suitable for IPL. You can consult your skin type with us or dermatology. But you don't need to worry, we continue to innovate and make discoveries to produce IPL that suits any skin, find IPL Hair Removal that suits your needs here.

How to use button IPL hair removal


Automatic or Manual Mode.

You need to know that every skin on your body has different needs. IPL Hair Removal understands this. This is why we equip 2 modes at once i.e. automatic and manual mode with 5 levels of intensity that can be adjusted for the face area, lips, armpits, bikini area, and legs.

The automatic Mode is designed to address larger areas quickly while the manual mode allows more precision and sensitivity for smaller areas.

Happy Customer with IPL Hair Removal Device


Customer Experience

I always do waxing sessions and it hurts, not to mention with my sensitive skin condition, I don't want those waxing sessions but the hair around the face and bikini area is very annoying. Luckily my friend recommended Koizuma IPL Hair Removal 600000 to me right before I was going to do those painful sessions. The first week, I thought it would not give significant results, but it turned out that this is real. My hair is experiencing slow growth and my husband says my skin is soft and firm. I am really happy with this product, I always enjoy hair removal sessions with this product.

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