Top 5 Questions Asked on IPL Hair Removal

Body care session is a favorite session of every woman, even not only women but also men. Taking care of your body is a form of positive and calming self-formation.

Everyone wants an extraordinary appearance and a positive aura from within. That's why women and men have a bucket of a self-care routine by going to a beauty clinic and giving up a chunk of money, for the expected performance results. Unfortunately, treatment is not always exciting but causes painful and harmful effects.

One of them is waxing, shaving, and laser sessions at inexpensive clinics. You must be tired of this old method. It's time for you to explore the best ways and discover pain-free technology. Introducing our superior technology that will meet the needs of your hair removal session. IPL Hair Removal is equipped with unlimited flash and is comfortable to wear. You must have had questions surrounding this technology, take a relax and follow us in peeling IPL Hair Removal.

Is IPL Hair Removal Good?

IPL is also known as Intense Pulsed Light technology. This is the best invention in the world of self-care that focuses on hair removal sessions. This technology works effectively and permanently solves the problem of hair in every corner of the body area. The resulting UV transfer laser Flash is finely dispersed through the skin, towards and heating the root point of the hair follicle which will then make sleep over a long period. With IPL now you can say goodbye to unwanted hair forever. What a great innovation. Equipped with a smart-protect and smooth flash touch so it does not cause damage to the skin layer but gives the touchably smooth and shining.

IPL Hair Removal Pink and White
How to use IPL hair removal?

IPL hair removal is known as easy, convenient, and safe use. Studies say that women who do hair removal sessions with IPL at home do not feel excessive frustration compared to doing waxing or laser sessions. You can overcome unwanted hair by doing 10-15 minute treatment sessions with IPL hair removal. You just need to turn on this tool, set the feature 5 levels of intensity, and adjust it to the skin area you want to overcome. Place it vertically on the surface of your skin, and you're ready to press the button to transfer the flash. Perform comfortably 6-12 sessions, and feel that your skin has been free of unwanted hair.

How effectively does IPL work?

IPL works effectively and permanently. Providing a simple, sleek, and modern design, IPL is accommodated with a high-quality machine and ABS machine body with a head that prevents leakage equipped with high security. With these excellent features, you can feel the benefits. You will not find hair growth with the use of more than 6 sessions. Smart LED will also be ready to assist you in displaying real-time monitor and live indications of remaining flash time, gear intensity, and flash mode. Convenience and effectiveness in one go. It's amazing.



Tanned Skin Suitable with IPL Hair Removal 600000 Flash

Is IPL suitable for my skin?

You won't want your skin damaged. We always recommend that you always consult your dermatologist to find out your skin condition and type. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the content and system of skincare and body-care products. This is very applicable in choosing IPL hair removal that suits your skin. You need to know that not all IPL is suitable for dark and light skin types, this is because IPL works in association with the melanin pigment to be able to go to the hair follicle. Mistakes in choosing IPL can cause pain and heat and skin as well as unexpected results. No worries about IPL that we present will meet all the needs of various skin types.

How much treatment do I need?

You do not have to worry about the number of sessions that will be done. Because you will only need 6-12 pleasant sessions with IPL Hair Removal. In the fourth week, you will find 60-70% reduced hair growth. 

But understandably, this will not same equal for everyone. We recommend doing consistently for 12 sessions for permanent hair-free results. 

Are you ready for the best hair removal experience? Pain-free! Hair-Free!. Find our products here, for the best body care information visit our Instagram Koizuma.