Must Know NanoLaser Photon+

How It Works

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal devices work with light energy. It uses bright and targeted pulses to kill the hair follicles deep down at the root so they stop producing hair. Over time, fewer and fewer hairs grow back. The device helps remove hair and there will be a noticeable result in just 4 weeks!  After the first 4 weeks, continue every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain your hair-free results.  Easy to use! There's only 1 setting with 2 treatment modes and a safety sensor, so you can't get it wrong. Before starting, make sure you match the skin tone and hair color chart.

How To Use

Step 1: Shave your treatment area.

Step 2: Always start with clean skin. No products/fake tan on the skin prior to use.

Step 3: Plug in the device. Lay it flat to your skin so the sensor can your placement.

Step 4: Select between intensity levels 1 to 5 (highly recommended to start off with intensity levels 2-3 for the first treatment, and then adjust).

Step 5: Moisturise after you've finished.