All About “Strawberry Legs”

Have you ever heard of strawberry legs?. As the name implies, strawberry legs is a skin condition that shows spots like strawberry seeds. Usually these appear on the outside of the arms, thighs, cheeks and lower legs. Dermatologists claim that the factors that cause it can be a mistake in choosing a shaver. Shaver that does not fit your skin will cause keratin and scaling that clog pores.

What are strawberry legs?

Strawberry legs are hyperpigmentation points that appear at the site of hair follicles. It is generally felt after shaving which causes enlarged and clogged pores and builds up dead skin cells.

Strawberry legs are also one of the symptoms of a common infection called folliculitis, this condition will cause spots and rashes, a build-up of keratin that makes the appearance of your skin have large and prominent spots as if goosebumps. 

Strawberry legs are not as painful as they seem. Even so, some people do not like the appearance of their skin. Most people would want smooth and soft skin.

In Bath Woman Shaving with Razor


What causes strawberry legs?

The cause of strawberry legs is clogged pores. This is usually the result of ignoring the skin after a shaving session. Pores that open due to razor will experience oil buildup, dead skin, and hair that fail to grow.

How to prevent Strawberry legs?

There are several ways you can prevent the occurrence of strawberry legs.


Exfoliation is one way to clean the remaining dead skin on the body and skin. Exfoliation is one effective way to prevent the appearance of strawberry legs. You can exfoliate using a scrub according to your skin needs, effectively remove dead skin cells, cleanse bacteria and oil, then close the pores again.

Dermatologists say that the strawberry leg will be effectively resolved by exfoliating regularly.

Use Moisturizer Cream

Moisturizing is one of those body care that you should not miss. Moisturizers will help your skin achieve a condition that is not dry and rough. Especially after shaving treatment, you should immediately use a moisturizer to prevent the occurrence of strawberry legs.



 IPL Hair Removal Compare Shaving


Replacing the shaver.

If you are a person who rids unwanted hair by doing shaving treatment, you should pay attention to the shaving you use. Sharp Shaver more gives the effect of damaged skin and strawberry legs. You should adapt the shaver to the condition and sensitization of your skin. The shaver should be changed regularly.

In addition to the shaver, you can use hair removal treatment session methods such as waxing and IPL hair removal.

We recommend using IPL hair removal for a safe and effective hair removal session. IPL hair removal works by transferring flash without opening your pores. You will no longer experience strawberry legs as a result of shaving treatment. Get soft and healthy skin.

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