Power up your
skincare routine.

Never. Shave. Again.

Stops hair growth in its tracks… So you can feel even more confident in your dolphin-smooth, touchably soft skin.

Tighten. Calm. Glow.

Roll into your skincare routine with Riya. An ultrasonic rose quartz roller designed to help promote circulation, decrease puffiness and powerfully aids the body’s natural lymphatic drainage. 

Beauty deserves to be appreciated

Revitalize you every Moment

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What People Are Saying


"Fantastic Lamp.. exact features as published. My kids love the music features. Looking forward to other great products of Sohnne."

Michelle E.
Los Angeles, CA

"Looks amazing and so comfy. We absolutely love how it comliments my living room, been eyeying for this piece for a while now, Well done! Definitely gonna order again"

Arthur S.
San Francisco, CA

"It’s gorgeous! Buy it! It’s the cutest one of this kind of tree lamps I’ve seen. The silver color silver fit in my interior perfectly."

Chelsea B.
Kansas City, MO

“Our order was delivered quickly and efficiently. We were very happy with our shopping experience.”

Anna W.
Seattle, WA

"I have had this for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. I was shocked at how good the bluetooth speaker quality and loudness is"

Gaston S.
San Antonio, TX

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