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Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair Safely: A Step-by-Step Guide

Find the whole, step-by-step manual on how to shave your pubic hair safely. Find out how to shave without scraping or irritating your skin, and what instruments you'll need to...

Shaving pubic hair, in contrast to other body parts, can be intimidating. As expected, many people don't know how to correctly shave their pubic hair due to a lack of education.

Compared to other areas of the body, pubic hair shaving has a shortage of resources. Yet you aren't the only one curious about the best practices. You can shave confidently and with minimal irritation if you know simple tricks.

To have a close and comfortable shave, it's important to remember a few simple rules. Because of this, we have compiled a detailed instructional guide on how to treat common skin irritations such as nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs, replete with medical professionals' recommendations.

Remember that there is no "bad" way to care for one's body; some people may favor a hairless appearance, while others may not. No matter what you decide, these guidelines will get you there quickly and with little effort.

  • First Thing First: Trim Your Pubic Hair 

If you're going to shave your pubic hair for the first time or haven't groomed it in a while, it's important to trim the hair first. Trimming will make hair removal easier and more comfortable, improving visualization and contact with the razor.

Dr. Marisa Garshick, a board-certified dermatologist, recommends cutting hair to about a quarter-inch length with a small pair of scissors or a hair trimmer. However, extreme caution is required during this step to avoid cuts or nicks. Dr. Rebecca Marcus, a board-certified dermatologist, advises doing this step in good lighting and using scissors with extreme caution to avoid injuring your skin.

  • Get in The Tub or Shower

To make shaving your pubic area easier, expose it to moist heat first. A hot shower is ideal because it softens the hair before shaving. If you don't have time for a full shower, wet a washcloth with warm water and place it in your pubic area for a few minutes. If you have time, soak in a warm bath with essential oils to further soften the area. Take this extra step, and the shaving process will be much smoother and more comfortable.

  • Take Some Time to Exfoliate Your Skin

You want to avoid getting infected, right? Shaving or waxing your pubic hair opens up the hair follicle, allowing bacteria to enter and cause an infection. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, MD, OB/GYN, and author of The Body Scoop for Girls, recommends cleaning the area first. Exfoliants are useful for removing dead skin and preventing ingrown hairs. Remember, these products are only for the outside of your vagina, not the inside. Maintain a healthy and clean environment down there!

  • Apply a Thick Layer of Shaving Gel

When shaving your pubic area, use shaving gel to keep your skin moisturized and the blade gliding smoothly. To use it properly, apply a lather in your hand liberally to the areas you'll be shaving. Shaving cream also keeps you from repeatedly going over the same spots, which can cause skin irritation. So, to ensure a smooth and irritation-free shave, use shaving gel or cream.

  • Shave in The Growth Direction of Your Hair

Are you ready to shave your pubic hair? Because pubic hair is thicker than the hair on other parts of your body, use a new, sharp razor. For the best results, go slowly and gently on your skin. Shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritation and bumps. Use small strokes and hold your skin taut with your other hand to avoid nicks and cuts. To avoid skin injuries, don't press too hard on the razor. Also, change the blade frequently for a smooth shave and clean it regularly to prevent buildup. Dr. Garshick recommends changing blades every 5 to 10 shaves, especially if you're prone to razor burns.

  • After You're Done Shaving, Put on Some Lotion

Congratulations on completing your pubic hair shaving! Now, thoroughly rinse the area, gently pat your skin dry, and apply a mild, alcohol-free moisturizer to the site. Don't wear tight clothing immediately because your skin needs time to recover. Allow at least an hour before dressing to ensure additional protection and comfort.

What Are Some Alternate Ways of Getting Rid of Pubic Hair?

Are you looking for alternative methods to remove pubic hair? Fortunately, you have many options, depending on your preferences. Hair removal methods can meet your needs, whether you want to remove hair at the surface, from the root, or even find a more permanent solution. Here are some of the most popular hair removal methods:

  • Waxing

Do you want long-lasting hair removal? You could try waxing. While shaving and epilation only remove hair from the surface, waxing removes hair from the root, resulting in longer-lasting results. Remember that waxing typically necessitates a salon appointment, which can be more time-consuming and costly than other methods.

  • Hair removal creams

Hair removal creams are a great option at home if you're looking for a non-blade hair removal method. These creams can help reduce the likelihood of irritation, but it's critical to perform a patch test first to ensure your skin won't react to the product's ingredients. Try hair removal creams for a smooth, hair-free appearance without using a razor.

  • Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal could be an excellent choice to remove unwanted hair in private areas permanently. In the hands of an expert, a laser can permanently remove unwanted hair. If you're searching for long-term treatment, the price may be higher than shaving or depilatory creams, but the results are worth it. Also, unlike with shaving, you won't have to worry about doing regular maintenance.


Do you have second thoughts about shaving your pubic hair? If you're new to intimate grooming, you might wonder why so many women shave. The following are some of the most common reasons:

  • Choice and preference

Do you have second thoughts about shaving your pubic hair? It's entirely up to you and your taste. You can figure out the best grooming routine once you understand how to remove hair safely. So, don't be afraid to try new things and discover what makes you feel most at ease and confident.

  • Hygiene

You might be surprised to learn that, while removing body hair is not medically necessary, it can help you maintain a neat and tidy appearance as part of your grooming routine. While hair removal has no hygiene benefits, it can make you feel more confident and put together. So, if you're thinking about shaving your body hair, do it yourself!


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