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Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone

IPL Hair Removal Buying Guide for Beginner 2023

The aspects of life that have been revolutionized with the help of technology include beauty and body care. This is due to the fact that technological advancement is ongoing. People...

The aspects of life that have been revolutionized with the help of technology include beauty and body care. This is due to the fact that technological advancement is ongoing. People are able to appreciate the impact that advances in technology have had on their lives, even to the point of using cosmetic procedures that rely on technology and electrical assistance. IPL, also known as intense pulsed light, is now one of the most well-known technologies. Although this tool may take many different shapes, its primary function, which is to remove unwanted hair from the human body, remains the same.

If you are currently considering to use an IPL treatment or purchase the device, you should read this post because we will serve you with the richest information: starting from the introduction of IPL and how does it work, the benefits and the side effects of using IPL hair removal, to the factors that you need to consider in choosing the best product. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


What is IPL?

Koizuma NanoLaser™ Photon+

IPL is an acronym that stands for intense pulsed light. It is a specific kind of treatment that makes use of powerful pulses of light to stimulate or cure a variety of skin conditions. People have a tendency to confuse IPL with laser since the two may accomplish certain goals in a comparable manner; nevertheless, the two are not the same. However, the basic mechanism behind how they function is the same: both of them focus light on the pigmentation in the hair, which results in an explosion of heat that either damages or kills the cells that are responsible for the growth of the hair.

How does IPL work?

An intense beam of light is directed towards the dark pigment that is located surrounding the hair follicle using an IPL device. The IPL device emits a strong light pulse, which is absorbed by the dark pigment that is concentrated at the hair root. This thermal energy causes damage to the hair follicle, which in turn inhibits the creation of new hair. After a certain number of treatments, it's possible that the hair won't come back. Because of this, IPL is a very efficient method for permanently reducing hair.

Is IPL hair removal safe?

It is generally agreed that using IPL is risk-free, provided that it is carried out in accordance with the device's instructions and comes from a reputable manufacturer. Some persons may develop adverse effects such as redness, irritation, or even, on very rare occasions, blisters or burns. These consequences are quite uncommon. In the event that any irritation develops, seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.

Does it hurt?

IPL is currently the hair removal procedure with the least amount of discomfort associated with it. It hurts less than waxing, threading, or epilating, although it might produce some discomfort on the skin. Waxing, threading, and epilating are all more painful. Even though each pulse only lasts a few seconds at most, at first it may seem uncomfortable since you are not accustomed to the sensation. Keep in mind that some of the hormonal changes you're experiencing may cause your skin to become more sensitive. When pregnant, you should avoid getting IPL treatments.

Does IPL remove hair permanently?

Your skin and hair, as well as the part of your body that was treated, are all factors that determine whether or not you have permanently rid yourself of unwanted hair. If you maintain a consistent IPL treatment regimen, you may anticipate seeing the bulk of your hair fall out throughout the course of the treatment's duration. 

However, since an IPL device can only inhibit the development of active hair follicles, it may take some time to completely get rid of all of the hair. This is due to the fact that some parts will recover more quickly than others. However, persistence is absolutely necessary, and at the very least, you should anticipate significantly slower re-growth.

Who is the best candidate for IPL?

IPL hair removal is not suitable for all people. People with dark hair and pale complexion are the only ones who can utilize it successfully. Because IPL devices are designed to target dark pigmentation, there must be a significant difference between the color of the hair and the pigment of the skin. If the color of the skin is dark, the darker skin surrounding the follicle is more likely to absorb the bright light, which may result in blisters and burns. If the hair pigment is too light, it could not be able to absorb the light at all, which would mean that it would be ineffective.

The benefits of IPL hair removal

  1. Relatively fast
    IPL device can swiftly cover huge regions and has a reasonably big treatment window (in comparison to laser or electrolysis). Usually, a whole leg will take between 10 and 15 minutes.
  2. Unseen hair regrowth
    In contrast to waxing, epilation, or the use of depilatories, IPL does not need that the hair grow at all for it to be effective. You may shave in between sessions.
  3. No ingrown hair
    IPL eliminates the possibility of ingrown hairs that might occur with conventional procedures like waxing and shaving.
  4. Long-lasting result
    If you keep up with your treatments, you should eventually see a permanent reduction in hair regrowth. The intervals between treatments will lengthen while the needed number of sessions will decrease.
  5. Lighter re-growth
    If hair does grow back, it will do so with lighter, finer, and less noticeable hair.

Are there any side effects?

Following IPL treatment, it is common to have very minor swelling along with very mild skin redness and soreness. Applying a cooling, soothing antibacterial gel will relieve this, and it should go away in one to two days. It's possible that you may have a little pigment shift (either darker or lighter regions), but this should go away in a few weeks.

Although there have been numerous technical advancements to broaden the use of IPL, this is still generally true. IPL hair removal has traditionally been best suited to those with light complexion and dark hair.

This is as a result of the stark contrast between the skin's melanin and the desired hair follicle. Darker skin runs the risk of the light being absorbed by the melanin in the skin and the follicle, which in extreme situations may result in burns, blisters, and permanent scarring.

The Fitzpatrick scale is a widely used numerical chart that ranks skin tones based on how they react to UV radiation (from 1 - 6). If your range is between 1 and 4, IPL should be beneficial to you.

The doctor will provide you advice if you want to visit a salon for expert treatments. If you want to purchase a gadget to use at home, it should come equipped with a built-in skin tone sensor that you must use before each treatment. In the event that the device detects a dangerous or incorrect skin tone, it will instantly cease functioning.

You should consider your hair color in addition to your skin tone. Anyone with light blond, white, grey, or red hair cannot benefit from IPL.

Features that are commonly found in IPL devices

  1. Skin contact sensor
    The skin contact sensor makes sure the light window is completely covered before releasing the light flash due to the powerful light an IPL device generates. This makes sure that the bright light is shielded from your eyes.
  2. Skin tone detector
    The skin tone detector only turns on the device when it detects a proper skin tone, protecting your safety. Some devices can adjust the optimal light intensity for your skin tone automatically.
  3. Attachment caps
    The gadget may be fitted with attachment caps for targeted body hair removal. Smaller portions like the underarm, bikini line, or face region may be covered with precision or facial attachment caps.
  4. Light intensity setting
    The use of the gadget on your skin is safe thanks to a setting that allows you to alter the light's intensity or energy level. This gives you the option to alter the settings based on the treatment region, your skin's sensitivity, or your skin type.
  5. Single flash mode
    When you click the button or trigger in single flash treatment modes, a single flash is released. For tiny or curved regions like the underarms, knees, or cheeks, this mode is appropriate.
  6. Multi flash mode
    Multiple flashes are released consecutively in multi-flash therapy settings. For bigger regions, like your legs and back, this is a practical choice.

How to use an IPL hair removal device?

It is necessary to have some hair present in order for the energy to be able to go down to the follicle from the surface of the skin in order for IPL hair removal to be successful; however, there should not be so much hair present that there is a danger of the skin being burned. Because of this, it is recommended that you shave before your IPL session rather than entirely removing the hairs via waxing or epilating. Shaving is the best way to prepare for IPL.

Regular sessions with the IPL are essential in order to successfully interrupt the development cycle of the undesirable hair on your body. Each manufacturer will include instructions on how often you should use their product as well as an estimate of when you might anticipate seeing effects.

Can I use IPL hair removal device every day?

Although it depends on the particular brand and model, the majority of IPL devices advise using them once every two weeks for the first four weeks of treatment. This recommendation is subject to change according on the brand and model. When you've got things under control, touch-ups may be done as seldom as once per month.

Be aware that in order to get the greatest results, you need adhere to the suggested timetable in order to permanently prevent regrowth. Be sure to write down the day that you begin your IPL adventure, and then set up reminders for yourself to remind you when it's time to add more treatment.

The key things that you need to consider before buying an IPL hair removal

  1. The lifespan
    Checking the total amount of 'flashes' that your device is capable of producing is the first and most critical step. If you buy one of the least expensive versions now available, it may only last you a few years before it has to be replaced, but a high-quality IPL device can endure for decades even with frequent usage.
  2. The power
    The intensity of the light produced by many IPL devices may be adjusted, allowing you to successfully treat hair growth in a variety of locations on your body. The very finest ones, like the Silk-Expert model sold by Braun, even have a sophisticated sensor that allows them to instantly change to the appropriate level of strength, based not only on your skin but also on your hair color.
  3. The speed
    It may appear needless to consider the pace between each flash on an IPL device, but a sluggish device makes for a difficult treatment, which means you are less likely to use it often. Consider the speed between each flash.
  4. The treatment head
    The very finest IPL equipment will come equipped with a variety of heads that may be adapted to treat different body parts, including your upper lip, underarms, and legs.

So, those are all information that you need to know about IPL hair removal, starting from the definition, how the device work, the benefits and the side effects, the features in most IPL device, to the factors that you need to consider before buying an IPL hair removal device that you can use at home. 

We hope that this article has provided you with the most insightful information that you have been looking for. 

To get more informative and interesting articles about beauty and body treatment, especially hair removal treatment, you can visit our page at Have a good day!


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