IPL Hair Removal : Why You Need Our Device

IPL Hair removal is growing in popularity and becoming the answer to painless body care sessions. No more feeling frustrated and damaged skin due to waxing and shaving. IPL is also the answer for those of you who don't want to leave the house to go to expensive clinics during the covid-19 pandemic. If you have already decided to switch to IPL hair removal, you must be careful to choose the IPL device that is best and suits you. Koizuma has designed IPL hair removal tools equipped with the best features according to your needs.

1. Less hair growth after 1 use

Customer satisfaction is our focus in presenting body care devices. We have designed an IPL hair removal tool that can give you results even from the first use, you will see your unwanted hair gone from your body. The flash that is produced quickly goes to the hair root and binds it to suppress hair growth.

Smooth Skin Using IPL Hair Removal


2. Get smooth & stay smooth

Have you ever heard of Strawbery leg due to waxing? Or you have heard of skin damaged by razor that is too sharp, or even you have also heard of red skin due to laser machine clinic that does not suit you?. Now you don't have to worry about the painful effects of hair removal sessions. Our IPL hair removal has been equipped with safety protection and keeps your skin to stay soft and healthy.

3. Pain-free, safe, & gentle

Self-care sessions should be a session with a comfortable and safe feeling. Use our IPL hair removal and have a pleasant experience. UV laser gently transfers its heat to your skin. The heat generated can also be set through the 5 adjustable intensity feature.

4. Works on any body part

One device for each body part. The small, sleek, and modern design can reach any part of the body. We are very understanding about the different sensitivity of body parts, so we have provided automatic and manual mode features that can be adjusted to the body part of your body. Automatic to be designed to address larger areas quickly while manual mode allows for more precision and sensitivity for smaller areas.

5. One-time cost, no refills

The best skincare investment is when you don't have to spend a lot of money over and over again but still get the best benefits. IPL hair removal is ready to be a body care device that is one-time cost, no refills.

White IPL Hair Removal Device

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