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Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'BFCM'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone

OPT or IPL Hair Removal: Unveil the Best Choice for You in 2024!

Discover the differences between OPT and IPL hair removal in our comprehensive guide. Learn which technology is best for you and check out the NanoLaser Photon8, an innovative product for...

Before you decide to choose a certain hair removal procedure, it is important to understand the latest hair removal technologies and compare them to find the best one for your needs. Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) belong to the best hair removal technologies available today. Now, let’s compare OPT vs IPL removal.

What Is OPT Hair Removal?

Belongs to the newest and best in skincare. OPT is a new light-based therapy researched and produced as a clinical treatment for conditions such as cellulite, wrinkles, and acne. OPT devices operate on the same principles as IPL.However, it is designed to address some issues related to IPL. Even more, some people define it as an enhanced version of IPL.

It is more effective than regular light treatment because it can enter the skin more deeply. The OPT gadget emits pulsed high-intensity light. Its purpose is to make the bandwidth smaller and more even, resulting in fewer side effects.

It targets the hair and skin pigment at various depths. Since the heat is applied quickly and in short bursts, it will not damage the skin. It can even help rejuvenate the skin.

Here, the heat pulses break down the melanin, causing the skin to darken and hyperpigment. Because the heat can destroy the hair follicles at the root, it prevents new hair from regrowing.

What Is IPL Hair Removal?

On the other hand, when the light of IPL is applied to the root of the hair, the hair will enter its dormant phase and start to fall out. Then, your skin will lose hair over time. The best IPL device works swiftly so that you will almost not feel any pain. In addition, the smoothness will last for a long time. So, you can say good-bye to razors, waxing procedures, and epilators for months.

For your information, IPL hair removal works by targeting the hair pigment, but some skin tones are not appropriate for this. That’s why most experts don’t recommend it on black skin because it can cause damage and discoloration. It means people with light blonde and red hair should avoid this.. After understanding each, you can compare  OPT vs IPL removal now.

Advantages and Disadvantages of OPT Hair Removal

OPT is a technology born to optimize the SHR treatment mode's energy. Therefore, when it is pulsed at a fast frequency, it helps to maintain more stable energy. So, we can say that it solves the disadvantages of old technologies. When it comes to advantages, OPT doesn’t cause discomfort, stinging, or pain. Besides that, it provides stable and uniform energy. In addition, it offers quick hair removal time as it can clean hair after 4 to 6 sessions, where each session takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Moreover, it can brighten the skin and even support the treatment of folliculitis. One more thing: it is suitable for men and women in almost all hair areas. Unfortunately, hair will grow back after 5 to 10 years. It depends on the location of each individual. But this time, the hair will grow thinner and lighter in color.

Advantages and Disadvantages of IPL Hair Removal

Meanwhile, IPL hair removal works based on the intense light emitted from the flash lamp bulb. Its essence is a broad-spectrum beam from 420 nm to 1200 nm. Commonly, it uses a wavelength in the range of 610 to 950 nm. So, it kills and destroys hair, as well as preventing hair follicles from growing back. In terms of results, after three months, you will notice a 40% reduction in hair.After the end of one course, it can remove up to 75% of the hair. Then, the rest of the hair that grows back is softer and thinner.

One of the reasons why people prefer this is that IPL hair removal is inexpensive. In addition, it can improve and rejuvenate the skin. Unfortunately, it is not effective on fluff or dark skin. Besides that, the treatment time is long enough, with each course including 15 to 20 visits. And, each time, it takes about 45 to 90 minutes.

OPT Vs IPL Hair Removal: Choosing the Better One

It’s time to compare  OPT vs IPL removal. With a few similarities between both, selecting which to opt for your hair removal treatment is difficult enough. Then, which should you choose? Actually, you can combine the 2 treatments into 1.

It depends on the condition of your skin, and you can choose the most appropriate light therapy to solve the problematic areas and get the best results.

For example, you can use IPL to reduce the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, and sun damage. Then, you can apply OPT to target issues like stretch marks. As a result, you will receive a more thorough treatment. So, your skin will not only be hair-free but also smooth and beautiful.


In conclusion, either OPT or IPL hair removal has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, choosing one of them should depend on your needs. However, you can combine them. Then, why don’t you do that? Combining OPT and IPL will provide better results..

FAQ About OPT Vs IPL Hair Removal

1. Is OPT Better than IPL?

OPT works and IPL works on the same principles. Either OPT or IPL has its own pros and cons. OPT is better than IPL in some cases and vice versa. So, deciding the better one should be based on your needs.

2. What is OPT IPL?

IPL with OPT is a non-invasive but effective solution for anti-aging that promotes healthier, younger, and glowing skin. It delivers lasting and impressive results for managing different signs of aging with the spectrum of light.

3. Which Hair Removal Method Is the Best?

When it comes to the best hair removal, there are 2 methods you should opt besides lasers. They are OPT and IPL. So, it is important to compare OPT vs IPL removal to find the most ideal method for you.


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