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What Is IPL Hair Removal and How Is It Compared to Laser? 2023

Do you know what is IPL hair removal?  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is a type of light treatment using strong pulses of light for stimulating or treating different issues within the skins. Sometimes, people consider it a laser. However, it is not even though they both do some similar things.

How Does an IPL Work?

IPL works due to a pigment in hair named melanin. For your information, melanin helps your hair absorb the light from the flashes and stimulate it to go into the resting phase so that you have smooth, hair-free skin. Then, how do you remove unwanted hair at home using an IPL?

  1. First, you can shave, wax, or epilate the area to remove unwanted hair. If you want to wax or epilate, you have to do this the day before your treatment.
  2. After that, choose the right intensity of light for the tone of your skin.
  3. Then, turn on the Lumea. Just wait for the ‘ready to flash’ light turning on.
  4. Next, press the ‘flash’ button. Now, you can move on the next spot.

With an IPL, it takes no longer than 10 minutes to remove your lower legs. You won't need to repeat this procedure to keep your skin smooth once the hair stops growing.

For the first four treatments, you must use an IPL once every two weeks to see results. After that, only minor touch-ups every 4 to 8 weeks or as required are required.

What Can You Expect from IPL Hair Removal?

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You can quickly see the results when using an IPL device. Usually, after the first four treatments, results are apparent. Then you will have long-lasting smoothness.

With an IPL, you can reduce hair by up to 92% after just a few sessions. You will be free from hair removal for 8 weeks following the first 4 treatments. If hair grows back, it will be softer & thinner if it does.

Why Is IPL Hair Removal Better Than Other Methods?

After understanding what is IPL hair removal, you can compare it to other hair removal methods. As we know, shaving is really time consuming. Besides that, hair regrowth is almost too quick. That’s why shaving becomes part of daily routines for some people. In addition, shaving with a blunt or dirty blade often causes rashes and nicks. Even more, it requires you to purchase a new blade every few days or weeks.

Waxing, on the other hand, seems ideal for shaving. However, it does have some shortcomings. You still have to deal with the issue of hair regrowth in addition to the pain. Waxing is significantly more expensive than IPL hair removal in terms of price. A full leg wax typically costs around 40 pounds sterling. You have to do it each month as well.

In contrast, IPL hair removal only requires 4 to 6 sessions to remove hair permanently in up to 70% of cases. This approach is more cost- and cost-effective overall. So it makes sense to claim that IPL hair removal is superior to all other methods.

Does It Work on All Types of Body Hair?

You can use an IPL device to remove unwanted hair on your face, bikini line, underarms, and legs. Since it has different attachments for different areas, it will be easy to reach & treat each one rightly. Its high-quality technology and advanced features can ensure that your skin will get the gentle treatments it needs.

How Long Does IPL Hair Removal Take?

Using an IPL, treatments may take around 15 – 60 minutes. It depends on the skin area you would like to treat. For example, IPL hair removal for bikini lines takes about 15 minutes whereas legs take about 45 minutes.

Does IPL Hair Removal Hurt?

Commonly, the pain is described as a small ping on the skin with an elastic band. Some people describe it as giving them a pinging sensation or a warm feeling. Normally, the pain is strongest in the first treatment. The less hair is, the less painful it will be. So, we can say that an IPL can be considered as a less painful hair removal treatment compared to laser hair removal.

How Long Does IPL Hair Removal Take to See the Results?

Now, you have understood what is IPL hair removal. Knowing how long it takes to get results is crucial. In actuality, it largely depends on the area of hair removal as well as the color and thickness of the hair. The procedure will cause the hair to shrivel.

People will typically notice results more quickly under the arms than on their legs or in their bikini lines. In addition, when the hair is trying to regrow, you can see results right away. However, it can be patchy and many areas are already almost hair-free after a few sessions.a

Does IPL Get Rid of Hair Permanently?

Once more, a lot depends on the individual and the surroundings. In most cases, four treatments are all that are required to get rid of the hair in the target area. However, some people may require as many as 10 sessions.

Only active hair follicles can be attacked by this device because IPL only targets hair follicles. Because of this, additional hair follicles might develop in the future. It follows that achieving complete hair freedom is all but impossible. Because hair can grow back, but at a slower rate, 90 percent less hair is typically the norm.

Which Is Better Laser or IPL Hair Removal?

Both laser and IPL have benefits and drawbacks. Permanent hair removal is more effective with a laser. Additionally, it significantly slows hair growth. Furthermore, it is more accurate, can target dark and coarse hair selectively without harming your skin, and is appropriate for all hair types and skin tones. However, the total cost of the treatment is very high. Its effectiveness is also diminished by hormonal imbalance.

IPL, on the other hand, is more reasonably priced. ILP is additionally offered for home treatment. However, the chance of hair growth is sufficiently high. In addition, numerous treatments are necessary to achieve the same outcome as laser. Additionally, it is inappropriate for people with dark skin and light hair.

By understanding what is IPL hair removal and comparing it to other hair removal methods, you can determine whether IPL is appropriate for your needs or not.


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