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Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'Welcome35'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'Welcome35'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'Welcome35'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'Welcome35'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone
Limited Time Offer! • Apply 'Welcome35'
Find The Perfect Stregth for Your Skin Tone

5 Best IPL Hair Removal for Blonde Hair 2023

IPL is a device that sends small pulses of light to the roots of hair, putting them into their resting phase. Your hair falls out, and your body starts to grow less hair in that area over time. IPL technology isn't as good at getting rid of light hair colors, though. So, you have to find the best IPL hair removal for blonde hair.

Best IPL Hair Removal for Blonde Hair to Choose

Today, you can find many IPL devices you can use to remove unwanted hair. Since blonde hair is more difficult to remove with IPL, you have to choose the IPL device carefully. Fortunately, we have a few recommendations that will ease you to choose the best one. Now, let’s check it out!

1. KOIZUMA NanoLaserTM Photon+

This is the first recommendation for those who want to remove their unwanted blonde hair. This IPL device is available in 2 options of color. You can choose either white or pink based on your preference.

If you are interested in it, you can purchase this device for 129 dollars on Amazon.

For your information, this is a new at-home IPL hair removal that can stop hair growth right in its tracks. This device is designed specially to make you feel good in your smooth and soft skin.

2. Pure Fit


It is a good idea to use this device if you're thinking about at-home IPL hair removal treatments. The fact that you can see effects with only one use is very impressive. After four sessions, the results will be more significant.

For your information, it has a unique sensor that can automatically determine your skin tone so that the right amount of light intensity is applied. In addition, it won't flash if your skin is too dark or if you don't properly press the device on your skin. It is therefore very safe and simple to use.

It also has comfort settings (gentle, speed, & power) to make it easier to choose the right mode for different body parts. Skin tone and skin contact sensors are additional features. It also features a precise head attachment that is comfortable

3. The Flasher 2.0


The next best IPL hair removal for blonde  Nood the Flasher 2.0. Comes with a compact design, this IPL device includes 7 intensity levels to select from based on the sensitivity of your skin. Then, it features 600,000 flashes.

One of the key features is its skin contact sensor. Besides that, it comes with a digital display. If you purchase this IPL, the package will include power cord, user manual, and of course the device. Averagely, it costs about 189 dollars.

One thing that makes it recommended so much is that the brand offers full refund & device replacement. Unfortunately, it comes with shorter cord length and no precision head attachment.

4. Silk Expert Pro 5


It's also recommended for blonde hair, and it's the fastest IPL device for getting rid of hair. In fact, the brand says you can treat both your right and left legs in less than 5 minutes. Also, many reviews say that the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 works quickly. Compared to other IPL devices, it doesn't take as long between flashes.

For your information, it has a sensor built in that can automatically tell what color your skin is. Of course, this will make every treatment work better and be safer. It also has three levels of sensitivity. There are standard, gentle, and extra-gentle ones.

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 has a skin contact sensor and a skin tone sensor, just like its competitors. The package comes with a storage pouch, a razor, an instruction manual, a power cord, an attachment for the precision head, and the device itself.

5. Pioneer Permanent Hair Removal Device

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For people with blonde hair, this device can be used for IPL hair removal. You should know that it has a unique shape and a rotating precision head that you can use to clean places like your bikini lines that are hard to reach.

It also has 6 levels of intensity and a built-in feature that can cool your skin before treatment. So, it lessens any pain or sensitivity. It also has an unlimited number of flashes. Use it once a week for up to 8 weeks for the best results. Then you can only use it when you need to.


Since blonde hair is more difficult to remove using an IPL device, it doesn’t mean that you cannot remove unwanted blonde hair with this hair removal treatment. You can still achieve results as long as you choose the best IPL hair removal for blonde hair.

Choosing an IPL hair removal device is not an easy task. You have to pay attention to its key features and make sure that it meets your needs. Besides the suitable device, you should also use the IPL device properly to achieve the optimized results.

Even though you can remove blonde hair with IPL, hormones and some other factors will affect the results. Sometimes, the hair can also grow back. If you want other options, you can visit to find more.

FAQ About Best IPL Hair Removal for Blonde Hair

1. Does IPL Hair Removal Work on Blonde Hair?

The wavelength in IPL targets the hair’s melanin. Since blonde hair has no melanin, IPL will not work effectively. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no IPL device that works for blonde hair. Some IPL devices are designed for any hair including blonde hair.

2. Is IPL Better for Lighter Hair?

IPL hair removal tech focuses on heating up hair follicle. Then, lighter hair doesn’t absorb heat. Besides that, dark hair explains why IPL treatments have not worked with light hair colors.

3. What Hair Removal Works on Blonde Hair?

If you are looking for the best IPL hair removal for blonde hair there are a few recommended options to choose. For example, you can consider IPL devices from KOIZUMA like NanoLaserTM Photon+.


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